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Entry Requirements

UNDERGRADUATE Minimum Entry Qualifications;
Entrance Requirements for First Degree Courses;
Applicants should fulfill the following conditions:


Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (C.S.E.E.)
or East African Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level)
or equivalent, with passes in at least FIVE approved subjects
or credits in at least THREE approved subjects obtained prior to the sitting of the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (A.C.S.E.E.) or equivalent

and One of the following combinations of passes in Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (A.C.S.E.E.) or equivalent; Either;
  i. Two principal Level passes (in appropriate subjects)
  ii. An appropriate equivalent Diploma/Certificate approved by the Senate of SIU. The diploma must be of duration of at least two year Additional Requirements for Different Degree Programmes:
    i. B.Sc. and B.Sc. (Education)
    ii. Two Principal level passes in appropriate Science subjects.
    iii. B.Sc (ICT) initially Open to students in the USA for intensive and regular face-to-face and lab sessions. To be completed in a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 5 years. Requirements: O-level with 5 passes, 3 of which are at credit level and a pass in Maths AND; One of the following:
      Two principal level passes with one being advanced Maths
      or Any two science subjects at a principal level with Maths as a subsidiary
      or First degree holders from other disciplines with Maths as a subsidiary at A-Level.
    iv. B.Sc (Environmental Studies) Science stream

B.Sc. Environmental Studies (Science) Direct entrants
  The candidate should have a principal level pass at A'level in two of the following subjects;
    Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics, or Mathematics
  or Appropriate Diploma with passes at O'level in two of the following subjects;
    Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or Geography.

Management stream B.Sc. Environmental Studies (Management)
  Direct entrants Candidates should have a principal level pass at A'level in two of the following subjects;
    Geography, Economics, History. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology.
  or Appropriate Diploma with passes at O'level in two of the following subjects
    Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry or Physics, Economics, Mathematics.

ii. BA (Gen), BA (Soc), BA (MC), BA (SW, BA (Journ), BA (Tour) and B.A. (Education), B (HRM)
  Two Principal Level passes in appropriate Arts subjects.
iii. BBA (Acc), BBA (Mkt), BBA (HRM), BBA (Fin), BBA (IB), BBA (Education), BHRM
  Two or more Principal level passes in Accountancy, Commerce, Economics or Mathematics;
  or Two or more Principal level passes in the following subject combinations:
    PCB,PCM, PGM, CBG or HGE Or; Science Diplomas, an appropriate advanced Diploma / Certificate with a B+ average credit or higher grade.

Duration of the diploma should be at least 2 years while that of Advanced Diploma should be at least 3 years.

iv. LL.B.
  Any Two or more Principal Level Passes plus 'O' Level credit passes in History and English.
  A Pass on the subjects at O-level but a good principal at A level may be considered.
  or an appropriate equivalent Diploma/Certificate in Law with Credit or Higher Grades.


For Diploma applicants, the minimum entry qualification to a relevant degree programme is at least Four O level passes (D's and above). AND;
  i. Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6) with at least GPA of 2.7;
  or ii. Full Technician Certificate (FTC) with at least points average of 2.7 (where A=5, B=4,C=3 and D=2 points)
  or iii. Diploma in Teacher Education with an average of C grade
  or iv. Health related awards such as Clinical Medicine and others with average of B grade;
  or v. Credit class diploma for classified diplomas and certificates in terms of distinctions


Credit or pass or vi. Lower Second Class diploma for classified non-NTA diplomas.
Candidates who have satisfied Examiners in the Mature Age Entry Examinations set by Sapientia International University (SAPIUA) or any other recognized Institute will be considered for admission.
Written evidence of a satisfactory pass will be essential.


Candidates who have satisfied Examiners in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Examination at an average of B Grade or above and holding a valid RPL certificate shall be eligible to be considered for admission into relevant degree programmes. The applicants must have valid RPL certificates obtained in RPL examination held in designated RPL Examination Centres approved by TCU. The RPL certificate must be valid for three years from the date of issue. The applicants must have been assessed through examinations organized along targeted degree programmes.


Candidates who do not qualify under options I, II, III and IV may register for SAPIU Foundation Courses (OFC). Those who pass examinations set at the end of the course will be eligible for registration for any of the degree programmes listed above, depending on the subject combination taken in the OFC.

Candidates applying for BSc ICT who do not qualify under options I, II, and IV simply because they do not have passes in Mathematics may register for OFC009: Mathematics which is offered under OUT Foundation Courses (OFC). Candidates who pass the course (OFC009: Mathematics) will be eligible for admission into BSC ICT.


Candidates with awards from other Institutions of Higher Learning will be considered on their own merit. These include a degree or an advanced Diploma in a relevant field. 



Master Dergree Minimum Qualifications for a Master's Degree
  i. For admission to the Master's Degree of SIU a candidate shall either hold an honours degree of SIU or a qualification from an approved institution of higher learning, deemed to be equivalent to an honours degree of SIU.
  ii. Candidates who hold unclassified degrees should have a credit or, a distinction in the subject of the intended Master's Degree. Candidates with a Pass Degree will also be considered for admission if:
    their undergraduate performance in the proposed subject of study was a B grade average or above
    and they have satisfied the relevant Faculty/Institute that they have exhibited academic potential through extensive field work, subsequent research experience and/or additional training.
  iii. Candidates for Masters Degree by thesis should in addition to the above have extensive or rich experience in research in the area of study. 


Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.)

Entry Qualifications for Ph.D. Studies
  i. A candidate for admission to the Ph.D. degree programme of SIU shall hold a relevant Master's Degree of SIU or relevant Master's Degree of equivalent standing from another approved University
  ii. Candidates with only the first degree but with First Class or Upper Second Honours or holders of a distinction or a credit in the relevant subject in the case of unclassified degree may also be considered for Ph.D. registration after initially registering for the Master's Degree and doing at least one full year's postgraduate training, if they have been authorized by Senate on recommendation of the relevant Faculty/Institute Board to upgrade their registration to Ph.D. candidacy.


Important Note for First-Year Applicants

For all students who plan to enroll, we require that final grades be sent directly from the high school. In addition, we may be contacting you to verify transcript authenticity when we conduct audits. The Undergraduate Admissions Office at SAPIU University conducts audits to verify the authenticity of final transcripts for a random sampling of entering freshmen.

Email: info@sapiu.us

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