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SAPIU offers two options for students when they apply. You can apply as a first-year student or as a transfer student. To be considered a first-year student you must have graduated high school but earned fewer than 12 credits at a college or university. To be considered a transfer student, you must have graduated high school and earned 12 or more credits at another college or university since graduation. Also, if you’ve enrolled as a full-time student at another institution, you’re considered a transfer applicant. 


What SAPIU Looks For

Whether you're a first-year or transfer applicant, there’s no magic formula that guarantees you will (or won’t) get into SAPIU. Yes, what you may have heard is true: Admission to SAPIU is highly selective, with approximately 10% of applicants admitted each year.

Access and affordability are extremely important to us, as are diversity and inclusion. Our admission process is highly individualized, and we spend lots of time evaluating whether you’ll be a good fit for the culture and philosophy of our university. The result is an incredibly rich mix of students, which is one of the best things about SAPIU.


Application checklist

Before applying use this checklist to ensure you have everything we require.

Basic requirements met 
Choosing a college 
Application Supporting Materials 
SAPIU Supplemental Information 
Official Transcript 
Standardized Test Scores 
Application fee 
Ready for interview 
Additional Submissions 


Email: info@sapiu.us

Address: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958, Sussex (USA)

Phone: +1 613 889 4023