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Sapientia International University (SAPIU) has a directorate of academic quality. The Directorate is managed by a Director of Quality, who is also a Senior Executive of the University, member of the Academic Senate as well as member of the Executive Council. The Director of Quality reports to the Rector of the University. The Directorate duties are summarized in the following up of the conformance as well as the enhancement related to university quality management tools such as: 

Standard Title Standard Measure SAPIU Compliance
Student Staff Ratio 1 lecturer for 25 students 1 lecturer for 19 students
Student Computer Ratio 1 computer for 20 students 1 computer for 5 students
Ratio PhD in Total Staff 15% of the staff as PhD holders 15% as PhD holders
Ratio Masters in Total Staff 90% of the staff are masters holders 96% are masters holders

Table: Illustration of the compliance with various international Higher Education Quality Standards 


Quality Tool 2: Modules-units notes and teaching materials:

controlled vis a vis, the conformity to the Programme Specification and to Modules Descriptions, in a departmental commission of three experienced and qualified lecturers; 

Quality Tool 3: Examinations questions -papers:

controlled in a departmental restricted commission made up by the lecturer and the Head of Department, to control the consistency of the paper with the Modules Descriptions as well as with English linguistic requirements; 

Quality Tool 4: End of year deliberations:

conducted by appointed and accountable School commissions, guaranteeing of equity, and conformity to the academic evaluation regulations as well as to international standards of student’ s good performance; 


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